Marketing for Small Capital Home Business

Home Business

Have a small home business, but do not know what marketing strategies can make your business in demand? No need to worry. Because there are so many ways to market your products and introduce your brand to the community with minimal budget.

But, everything certainly requires patience and enthusiasm to learn. In fact, by understanding technology well, you can really promote your business to many customers. Without lingering, this is a series of effective marketing strategies for home business that you can apply right now.

First, Determine the Marketing Budget

The first and must do is, determine the marketing budget of our business. If it is not determined, we have difficulties, right? Really, we’re groping our own marketing budget.

This marketing budget is actually an investment. In accordance with the investment principle, then never use 50 percent of all cash for this one marketing strategy.

The ideal budget can be determined by taking 5 percent of total sales. But if your home business is a new business, it’s not wrong to allocate 10 percent of the initial capital or to make it safer, just research and find out about competitors’ marketing budgets.

Create a Site Through WordPress

In an era of information disclosure like this, having a site to support your business is obligatory. Just use WordPress to make the process faster, and learn the ins and outs online or through experts. WordPress itself is the most popular CMS platform in the world. In addition, both of these platforms also have tutorials that can help you create a site with a good appearance

Befriend Google

How come Google? Because with this search engine, you can identify consumer behavior. In addition, this search engine is also one of the favorites in the world. Not a few people who use Google to search for what he wants. So, why don’t you just use it as a tool to introduce your products?

Armed with the site that you created on WordPress, you can really make your site appear on the first page in the Google search engine. Does it cost money? You can, you can or not. Try to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques with experts. The goal is that what you post on your site can appear on the first page so that it reaches more internet users.

Ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram

Want to advertise without pouring a large budget? Try it on these three platforms. Google has Ads, then Facebook and Instagram also have their own advertising features. The budget is also not as expensive as advertisements in online or print media.

This one marketing strategy is actually similar to billboard installation. The more funds you disburse, the greater the opportunity for many people to see.

Find a Mentor and Keep Learning

Believe me, without learning you will never be able to develop your business. Whatever the marketing strategy, you still have to learn. When you get stuck, look for mentors who are more experienced so you can get new knowledge.

Just go to seminars or take part in webinars is also not wrong. Don’t hesitate to learn, this is also an investment. Those are the five strategies that could help boost the marketing process of your small business.